In study after study, prepared foods shoppers have said what they want most is a satisfying meal experience. But, whether it's a grab-and-go breakfast or a family meal around the dinner table, they've also told us that deli doesn't deliver.

We could have tried to fix the broken deli but instead, we decided to start doing different things by providing shopper-centric and meal-centric solutions that rely on three simple conversation changers:

Imagine, shoppers being shown how to plan and shop for meals using prepared foods in conjunction with other SKUs in the store. Reaching out to shoppers before they enter the store with great meal ideas and then reinforcing that with in-store signage. Retailers focusing more closely on execution, ensuring properly cooked products are ready at peak times, and a well-trained staff is on hand to assist shoppers with creative meal ideas along with their prepared foods purchases. As a result, shoppers say they are happier with their grocer's prepared foods department and about shopping at the store itself.

Let's make this a reality. If we teach shoppers to think differently about prepared foods, they will feel better about their entire grocery shopping experience. Now, that's a conversation changer.

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Changing the conversation isn't about doing things differently–it's about doing different things.

Eric Le Blanc
Director of Marketing for Retail Foodservice
Tyson Foods